Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City teaser

New teaser trailer for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City released today.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tales of Xillia new screenshots

Not much to say here except here are the new screenshots thanks to famitsu and xHCx Itachi.... So yeah, enjoy.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mass Effect 2: Arrival DLC confirmed

Mass Effect 2 Just got its 'arrival' DLC confirmed for March 29th. The supposed final dlc mission for mass effect 2. The Dlc will be available on PC, Xbox, and of course PS3. the mission consists of Shepard being sent to the "border of the galaxy" to rescue a female undercover agent that might have information for the upcoming Reaper invasion. *Which will be used for the plot of mass effect 3*

I will leave it at that and show this screenshot instead.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Record of Agarest War Zero

Record of Agarest War Zero has just had its limited edition announced. The Limited edition of ROAWZ will contain
1. A deck of cards
2. Soundtrack CD
3. 48 Page character data guide (mini-strategy guide).
4. One deck of collectible "skill" cards
5. A case to hold the cards

These 2 images were posted on aksys games site. It shows the ps3 bundle and the 360 bundle.
360 version
Ps3 version

Uncharted 3 New trailer

Brand spanking new trailer for uncharted 3 Drake's Deception. Enjoy.

I am just going to make note that you can clearly hear Graham McTavish as 1 of those thugs.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pokemon Black and White

        Pokemon Black and White version have been released in North America today. That is really all the news there is about that. It is really just the same game with new made up pokemon names and sprites that will make you go "wtf is that"? Anyway those names are so ridiculous they can even match up with an entirley unrelated series. so xHCx News presents.... Metal gear solid. pokemon edition. better known as PokeGear Solid.

      PokeGear Solid is the new revolution of pokemon games. In this, you follow the lead role of solid snivy. Your goal is to stop the elite 4 from launching a nuclear pokeball on the johto region. As Snivy infiltrates Cinnabar Island. He Runs into a wild Revolver Oshawott. Who is soon unable to battle after a super effective move from grey furret. As snivy makes his way through the facility known as the pokemon center (hotspot for pokeball manufacturing and production of pkrs soldies) Snivy learns that the elite 4 are after the corpse of tepig boss. Snivys father whom he defeated in battle years ago.

    Later in the game you find out that Naomi Haunter (poketech support) is actually a spy and injected snivy with a virus known as Foxdialga. Snivy was sent to the pokecenter to make all the elite 4 unable to battle. So upon hearing this news Snivy reflects on the battles versus scyther wolf, psycho mantyke and the pokemon Snivy would like to go to the daycare center with, Marril Silverburgh.

*Do not take any of this seriously... Yes Pokemon black and white came out today. However the above story IS fiction. Only a fool would take this for truth. It was simply put here to show how ridiculous Pokemon names are becoming now.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Gears of War 3: Beta information 2

      The Gears of War 3 beta finally has a release date. 4/25/11 is the Gears of War 3 public beta.  The public beta will run from 4/25/11 until 5/15/11. That is 3 weeks for those who don't want to do the math. However people who purchased the Bulletstorm epic edition will gain access to the beta 1 week early.

      Along with the beta's release. there are rewards for playing the beta for use in the real game. The unlockables you can get are, 1. Flaming Hammerburst. (Early Access only guys.) 2. Flaming Lancer 3. Flaming Sawed-Off 4. Flaming Gnasher 5. Thrashball Cole 6. Gold-Plated Retro Lancer (7. Beta Tester Medal - Not sure if this will actually do anything for you though.)

       The first week of the beta (early access only) will only have team Death match mode. Capture the Leader will be unlocked a week after Epic Edition Early Access. Finally King of the Hill will be unlocked a week after Epic Edition Early Access The maps in the beta will be Oldtown, Trenches (which were fan chosen from the facebook page), Thrashball Arena, and Checkout (dev. chosen).

Here is what is believed to be the flaming lancer.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gears 3 "bulletstorm leaked information"

Gears 3 may have some leaked info....
         When bulletstorm came out on the xbox 360. Someone was bound to look at the files on the disc. Mostly all of gears 3 was on the disc... So here is a List of all that was found on the disc.

Multiplayer maps

Blood Drive
Dry Dock
Old Town

Weapon Skins

Deadly Cute (pink)


Marcus Fenix
Minh Young Kim
Augustus Cole
Cole thrashball
Damon Baird
Samantha Byrne
Dominic Santiago
Carmine Clayton
Anthony Carmine
Benjamin Carmine
Tai Kalis
Dizzy Wallin
Victor Hoffman
Chairman Prescott
Anya Stroud
Jace Stratton
Onyx Guard
Do Commando
Civilian Cole
Civilian Marcus
Grenadier Elite
Theron Guard
Theron Sentine
Bilge Theron
Beast Rider
Flame Grenadier
Savage Grenadier

Campaign Act 1

Chapter 1 - Troubled Past
Chapter 2 - Anchored
Chapter(s) Location - CNV Sovereign, Raven Nest Class Warship

Chapter 3 - Abandon Ship
Chapter 4 - Homecoming
Chapter(s) Location - Hanover, Cole's former hometown

Chapter 5 - Helping Hand
Chapter 6 - MVP
Chapter(s) Location - Hanover Cougars Stadium

Chapter 7 - Hanging by a Thread
Chapter(s) Location: Centennial Bridge

Campaign Act 2

Chapter 8 - Shipwreck
Chapter(s) Location - Hanover Coast

Chapter 9 - House of Sand
Chapter(s) Location - Seran Deadlands

Chapter 10 - Forced Entry
Chapter 11 - Trench Run
Chapter(s) Location - Savage Locust Surface Hive

Chapter 12 - Hijack
Chapter 13 - Airborne
Chapter 14 - Touchdown
Chapter(s) Location - Anvegad plains

Campaign Act 3

Chapter 15 - Unbreakable
Chapter(s) Location - Anvil Gate; former COG fortess

Chapter 16 - Rescue
Chapter 17 - Breakneck Run
Chapter(s) Location - The Next Morning

Chapter 18 - Ghost Town
Chapter 19 - Brothers to the End
Chapter(s) Location - Mercy; Former Imulsion facility town ship

Campaign Act 4

Chapter 20 - Ashes to Ashes
Chapter(s) Location - Char; Major Metropolis Remnants

Chapter 21 - Crater
Chapter 22 - Hang 'em High
Chapter 23 - Batten Down the Hatches
Chapter(s) Location - Endeavor; Former COG Naval shipyard

Chapter 24 - Bon Voyage
Chapter 25 - Watery Grave
Chapter(s) Location - Southern Serano Ocean

Campaign Act 5

Chapter 26 - Home Away From Home
Chapter(s) Location - Azura Submarine Port

Chapter 27 - Blackout
Chapter 28 - Shattered Paradise
Chapter(s) Location - Azura, The Hidden Isle

Chapter 29 - Crossfire
Chapter 30 - Ascension
Chapter 31, Reckoning
Chapter(s) Location - Azura Central Tower