Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gears of War 3: Beta information

It is about time for Gears 3 info to be released. First off. the images seen at the top of this post is going to be the cover for Gears 3 but cropped so that only Marcus, Dom, and Anya are on the front.  The Gears of War 3 beta will be taking place mid April for those that bought the Bulletstorm epic edition.

Gears 3's beta will have 2 maps that the epic team chose and 2 maps that users can vote for *we will see what they are when the beta is here*. Additionally you can unlock stuff for the actual game by playing the beta a shit load. for example the gold plated Retro Lancer (Plancer). You can also unlock Cole's Thrashball outfit. Just play the beta until your heart gives out and I am sure you will get all of them in no time.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Arcana heart 3

     Arcana Heart 3 AkSys games has announced today that the fighting game Arcana Heart 3 will be coming to the US. According to aksys Arcana heart 3 will have 23 characters to choose from. Arcana Heart 3's online system was developed by arc system works (Creators of BlazBlue and Guilty Gear) so it is going to have a nice online mode. There is also suppose to be a 'simple mode' which lets you play good even if you are a complete noob.

Enough of my lame description. The US debut trailer can be found here:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Duke nukem forever: Balls of steel edition announced.

    The long awaited game that seemed like it was never going to come out 'duke nukem forever', is doing more than just giving a game. As part of the duke nukem first access club I just got info that duke nukem is getting a Limited edition. But it is not any ordinary Limited edition, it is the 'Balls of Steel' edition. I have to say it looks well worth a buy considering all the stuff it comes with.

The 'Balls of Steel' edition will come with

  • "collectible bust of the greatest alien ass-kicker of all time"
  • "numbered limited edition numbered certificate of authenticity"
  • "100 page hardcover book: history, legacy & legend: duke nukem forever art from the vault"
  • "duke nukem forever postcard series"
  • "duke nukem forever radiactive emblem sticker"
  • "duke nukem forever collectible comic book"
  • "duke nukem forever foldable paper craft"
  • "duke nukem forever poker chips"
  • "duke nukem forever mini-card deck"
  • "duke nukem forever radioactive emblem dice"

Monday, February 7, 2011

Black ★ Rock Shooter: The Game

It is finally time. Black ★ Rock Shooter: The game

         Black ★ Rock Shooter: The Game is a new Jrpg for the psp. The setting is the year 2032 and the earth suffers an alien invasion. Essentially 19 years later the humans stand up to the aliens and make a living weapon known as Black ★ Rock Shooter. It is BRS's responsibility to protect humanity by using abilities (of the living weapon).

       This game is a 3rd person shooter yet a Jrpg as you can see from the screenshots here

From the looks of it. You fight to gain levels like a Jrpg and when you level up you gain skill points to customize your BRS. The blue bar as shown in the first and 2nd screen in the bottom left is your HP. The more blue the better.

So far there is no word on an american release date if any at all. However japan will be seeing the Black ★ Rock Shooter game In summer 2011. the game will go for 6,279 yen in japan (roughly 76 USD) and will also be getting a Limited edition for 10,479 yen in japan (roughly 127 USD) From what I have heard so far the limited edition will come with a White ★ Rock Shooter figure (WRS in the img above)

   Here is the trailer for the BRS game.

UPDATE: It looks like Nis America Is going to be translating the BRS game. So expect to see it in english at some time.

Hyperdimension neptunia in 8 days

Since I should probably get something posted. Hyperdimension Neptunia is going to be out on the 15th of February. This new Jrpg is essentially a game about a gaming war. It is way too complicated to get into right now. When I feel like it I will give a full description. But from seeing gameplay and seeing some of the voice actors I can say without a doubt, this game is a buy! When I get a hold of the game I will tell you more. Oh and if you pre-order online you get some pretty sweet stuff along with the premium edition.Which by the way cost's the same price.... I'm just saiyan....

EDIT: apparently the NISAmerica site got so many pre-orders that they took it off their site.... I was also one of the last to get my pre-order in so.... yeah.... sorry if you got screwed over because of me.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Killzone 3 open beta

First off let me start by saying, I know I said this blog is for news about more than just shooters.
With that said, I feel the Killzone 3 open beta was a little extraordinary for a shooter.

The Killzone 3 open beta is addicting. With several classes to choose from and different skills to use
It is a very addictive beta. However most shooters these days feature that exact same thing.
Killzone 3 is different because IT IS ON THE PS3. All the 10 year old little assholes are too busy playing COD on xbox.

The game itself looks over the top with its realistic graphics and sounds. On more than 1 occasion I thought an enemy was sneaking up on me because I heard the jingling from my equipment. If you own a PS3 I would have to say this game is a definite buy. Killzone 3 is released on february 22nd 2011. (The special edition also looks pretty kick ass [you get a replica helghast helmet, the game, the soundtrack, an artbook, and a code for 24 hour double xp / everything unlocked for online])

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tales Of Graces F announced

It has finally been announced.

The tale of two richards site has just revealed


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BlazBlue CSII 3DS and PSP trailer.

BlazBlue CSII got a new trailer for the 3DS and PSP. The release date shows it will be out in japan on 3.31.2011. If aksys games decides to bring it over expect it around that time or maybe a month later.
This video was just posted today. Thanks to xHCx Itachi for the find.