Monday, February 7, 2011

Black ★ Rock Shooter: The Game

It is finally time. Black ★ Rock Shooter: The game

         Black ★ Rock Shooter: The Game is a new Jrpg for the psp. The setting is the year 2032 and the earth suffers an alien invasion. Essentially 19 years later the humans stand up to the aliens and make a living weapon known as Black ★ Rock Shooter. It is BRS's responsibility to protect humanity by using abilities (of the living weapon).

       This game is a 3rd person shooter yet a Jrpg as you can see from the screenshots here

From the looks of it. You fight to gain levels like a Jrpg and when you level up you gain skill points to customize your BRS. The blue bar as shown in the first and 2nd screen in the bottom left is your HP. The more blue the better.

So far there is no word on an american release date if any at all. However japan will be seeing the Black ★ Rock Shooter game In summer 2011. the game will go for 6,279 yen in japan (roughly 76 USD) and will also be getting a Limited edition for 10,479 yen in japan (roughly 127 USD) From what I have heard so far the limited edition will come with a White ★ Rock Shooter figure (WRS in the img above)

   Here is the trailer for the BRS game.

UPDATE: It looks like Nis America Is going to be translating the BRS game. So expect to see it in english at some time.


  1. I bought mine at PIJ! They are so cute! I would love to collect everything!BLACK ROCK SHOOTER GAME

    1. Its not related to the game I believe, but there is a new BRS figma that came out a few days ago