Friday, February 4, 2011

Killzone 3 open beta

First off let me start by saying, I know I said this blog is for news about more than just shooters.
With that said, I feel the Killzone 3 open beta was a little extraordinary for a shooter.

The Killzone 3 open beta is addicting. With several classes to choose from and different skills to use
It is a very addictive beta. However most shooters these days feature that exact same thing.
Killzone 3 is different because IT IS ON THE PS3. All the 10 year old little assholes are too busy playing COD on xbox.

The game itself looks over the top with its realistic graphics and sounds. On more than 1 occasion I thought an enemy was sneaking up on me because I heard the jingling from my equipment. If you own a PS3 I would have to say this game is a definite buy. Killzone 3 is released on february 22nd 2011. (The special edition also looks pretty kick ass [you get a replica helghast helmet, the game, the soundtrack, an artbook, and a code for 24 hour double xp / everything unlocked for online])

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